The Department of Cinema Studies


  • The George Amberg Memorial Film Study Center is a department facility designed to aid Cinema Studies students and faculty in their research projects and class assignments. Primarily, the Study Center functions as an access site for department's film, video, and library/archive collections. Study Center facilities are also available for general study and class-related use.

  • Who can use the Study Center?

      Study Center facilities are available to all Cinema Studies majors, as well as non-majors currently enrolled in Cinema Studies courses. First-time users must register in person at the Study Center desk, and will be given a username and password for accessing the online collections database. A valid NYUCard is required for all visits.

    What facilities are available in the Study Center?

      The Study Center houses two screening rooms, one for 16mm film and group viewings, and one larger room with eight individual video stations and two computer stations. We provide DVD, VHS, Laserdisc and 3/4" systems, and can handle most video standards and DVD regions. The Study Center also houses the William K. Everson Reading Room. The Reading Room is for consulting the library collections and for general study. Current copies of media related journals are always on hand for browsing.

    How do I search the collections?

      The Cinema Studies Department has an extensive collection of video and film, as well as cinema-related books, periodicals, and articles. Registered users can search the collections by accessing our online database, Arch Cat, located on the department's Cinema Resources web page. Computer stations for accessing the collections on site are available.

    Can I check out materials from the Study Center collections?

      No. The Study Center is not a lending library, and all department materials must be accessed onsite. You may, however, request that materials be delivered to your classes for use in presentations. Additionally, print materials from the collection can be photocopied onsite (articles and chapters only please and you may not photocopy entire periodicals or books). Be aware that a small number of sensitive items (rare, fragile, etc.) can only be accessed under direct staff supervision.

    Do I need to make an appointment to access items from the collections?

      Yes. The Study Center collections are not stored onsite. This means that items are not available unless you or your instructors have requested them in advance. Video and print materials requested before 12:00pm on a weekday will be delivered by 12:00pm the following weekday, pending availability. To ensure orderly access for you and your classmates, film and video requests require specific appointment times. Plan your research in advance! Some video and print material may be available on reserve for classes. These materials can be accessed without a prior request. Check with the study center staff about the availability of reserves.

    How do I request items from the collection?

      Requests may be made in person at the Study Center desk, or online with an ARCH CAT database request form. Online requests are not complete until you receive a confirmation email.

    How do I access the 16mm collection?

      Students wishing to access the 16mm film collection must complete a film handling training session. To schedule a training session, call or visit the Study Center during business hours. 16mm film prints must be requested at least one week in advance. Some 16mm prints are stored outside of New York City and must be requested up to five weeks in advance.

    Where is the Study Center?

      721 Broadway, 6th floor, room 664. As you leave the Cinema Studies main offices at the Broadway entrance to the floor, turn left past the student lounge and through the archway. Turn left again in the classroom hallway. The frosted glass door at the end is 664, the Study Center.

    When is the Study Center Open?

    • Fall 2011 hours
      • Monday: 10:00am--5:45pm
      • Tuesday: 10:00am--7:00pm (or 9:00pm by advance appointment only)
      • Wednesday: 10:00am--6:30pm
      • Thursday: 10:00am--7:00pm (or 9:00pm by advance appointment only)
      • Friday: 10:00am--3:00pm
      • Closed for December break, beginning Wednesday 12/21

    May I bring food to the Study Center?

      No. Food and drink are allowed in the Study Center lobby area only. Please help us protect our collections and spaces from damage.

    Can I expect a quiet reading/viewing space?

      Yes. No cell phone use is permitted in the Study center. If you need a group screening space where you can discuss projects, please request the group screening room.

    How do I contact the Study Center?

    Study Center/Archive Staff:

    • Ina Cajulis, coordinator
    • Cathy Holter, technical coordinator
    • Ann Harris, manager
    • Kathy Short, archive assistant

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